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In this article, we’re just concentrating on two of

new generation of bags stimulates local economy in a sustainable way designer replica luggage Speedys produced by TFLC are one of the most dissimilar from other designs. A Rapid manufactured by TFLC will have a break in the canvas along the bottom and the “LVs” will be the proper way up on both sides of…

Relativisez, restez positif, merci infiniment

I still think newsletters are a good idea, when done well. When Euan sent me his, I asked him what he was using: MailChimp. I been wanting to try it ever since and have recommended it to clients, but only yesterday did I decide to dive in and really get things going.. On fait le…

Paris has recently lost its fifth place in the

Shock and awe as Paris art scene comes alive A flurry of cultural activity has swept the French capital this week with a series of high profile museum openings Paris officials hope will rejuvenate the city’s somewhat stuffy image, and prove it still has an edge among the world’s art capitals. Here’s just a few…

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